Top 10 Words

The Anchor Inn experience is….

Intimate Waterfront 

Surrounded on three sides by water, the ballroom actually sits just above the waves.


Being this close to the water brings you to a peaceful place and sets the scene for a beautiful occassion.

Fit to a”T

Our T-Pier makes for a great spot to take beautiful photos with a variety of waterfront settings.


We make sure you have time to enjoy every moment of your wedding by coordinating all the details for you!


Choose your linens, choose your menu..we have thousands of choices to make your wedding reflect YOU.


The Anchor Inn is definitely not like any other waterfront wedding site. Arrive by boat, have your outdoor wedding ceremony under cover and look out in three directions at water.


Enjoy the relaxed elegance and the charming ambiance of our ballroom.


Not only can you select from thousands of looks for your tablescapes, we also provide a full spectrum state-of-the-art lighting in colors to match your theme and make your event stand out.


Weddings at Anchor Inn are easy to find, easy to plan, easy to love, and easy to choose!


Just as it should be. Your wedding will have the best food, the friendliest staff, the most comfortable outdoor ceremony, the best options for pictures, and best of all, it will be just the way you want it to be.